December 6 - Blessed Adolph Kolping

Quick Facts

  • He was the son of a poor shepherd.
  • Apprentice to a shoemaker.
  • Studied in Munich, Bonn and Cologne, Germany.
  • Ordained 10 April 1845.
  • Chaplain of Saint Laurentius parish, Elberfeld, Germany from 1845 to 1849.
  • Founded several Catholic apprentice associations, one of which became the International Kolping Society with all its national and local organizations.
  • Worked to improve the physical and spiritual lives of craftsmen and their apprentices.
  • Worked with youth, and to improve family life.
  • Vicar of the cathedral in Cologne.
  • Rector of Saint Maria Empfängnis Church, Cologne in 1862.
  • We celebrate his feast day on December 6.
  • Died on the Year 1865