Saint Siméon-François Berneux

Born to a poor family, Siméon felt a call to the priesthood at age ten. He entered the seminary in Mans, France in 1831. Due to health problems, he had to leave seminary for two years during which time he worked as a tutor. Ordained on 20 May 1837. Professor and spiritual director at the Mans seminary. Joined the Paris Foreign Missionary Society on 15 July 1839, leaving for the Far East missions on 15 January 1840. Missionary to Viet Nam. Captured, beaten and sentenced to death for spreading the Faith, but released due to the intercession of a French admiral. Missionary in Singapore and Macao. Appointed fourth vicar apostolic of Korea and titular bishop of Capsa on 5 August 1854. Built a seminary in Paeron, Korea. Began publishing Catholic books in Korean. So many locals converted that bishop Siméon and his foreign priests were imprisoned on 23 February 1866, and on 6 March 1866 were sentenced to death. One of the Martyrs of Korea.