April 18 - Blessed Marie of the Incarnation

Quick Facts
  • Daughter of a French government official named Nicholas Aurillot.
  • Educated at her aunt's convent at Longchamps.
  • Though attracted to religious life, she married Pierre Acarie, an aristocrat and treasury official, at age 16.
  • Mother of six, three of whom became Carmelites, and one a priest.
  • Peter supported the Catholic League against Henry IV.
  • When Henry became king he seized the Acarie estates, impoverished the family, and exiled them from Paris.
  • Barbara went to court over the matter, won, and reclaimed part of the family fortune.
  • She was devoted to the writings of Saint Teresa of Avila, and became active in charities.
  • Her good works eventually won her the admiration and support of King Henry.
  • Brought the Discalced Carmelites of Saint Teresa to France, founding five hourses between 1604 and 1609.
  • Widowed at 47.
  • Carmelite lay sister in 1613 at Amiens, France, taking the name Mary of the Incarnation.
  • Spiritual student of Saint Francis de Sales.
  • Known for receiving visions and ecstasies, and for supernatural gifts.