March 30 - Saint Leonard Murialdo

Quick Facts
  • Born to a wealthy, pious family.
  • Studied at the University of Turin, and the College of Saint Sulpice in Paris.
  • Ordained in 1851 at the Church of the Visitation.
  • After studies in France, he returned to Italy to take the assignment of ""provisional director"" of an impoverished college for young working men; he would spend his career there.
  • Founded the Society of Saint Joseph of Turin modelled after and under the patronage of Saint Joseph, the model for working people; it still exists, and still supports young apprentices.
  • Founded a center for delinquent boys, the forerunner of Boy's Town and similar institutions.
  • Supported the Catholic Workers Union.
  • Established a national federation to improve the level of Italian journalism.
  • A model for Christian social workers, he was dubbed a Socialist for advocating an 8-hour work day in 1885.