May 17 - Saint John Nepomucene

Quick Facts
  • While a child, he was cured by the prayers of his parents; they then consecrated him to God.
  • Priest.
  • Great preacher who converted thousands.
  • Vicar-general of Prague.
  • Counselor and advocate of the poor in the court of King Wenceslaus IV.
  • Refused several bishoprics.
  • Confessor to the queen, and taught her to bear the cross of her ill-tempered husband the king.
  • Imprisoned for refusing to disclose the queen's confession to the king.
  • When he continued to honor the seal of the confessional, he was ordered executed.
  • Symbol of Bohemian nationalism.
  • His image has been used in art as a symbol of the sacrament of Confession, and many bridges in Europe bear his likeness as their protector.