May 2 - Saint Athanasius

Quick Facts

  • Studied the classics and theology in Alexandria.
  • Deacon and secretary to bishop Alexander of Alexandria.
  • Attended the Council of Nicea in 325 where he fought for the defeat of Arianism and acceptance of the divinity of Jesus.
  • Formulated the doctrine of homo-ousianism which says that Christ is the same substance as the Father; Arianism taught that Christ was different from and a creation of the Father, a creature and not part of God.
  • Bishop of Alexandria, Egypt c.328.
  • When the dispute over Arianism spilled over from theology to politics, Athanasius got exiled five times, and spent more than a third of his episcopate in exile.
  • Biographer of Saint Anthony the Abbot.
  • Confessor of the faith and Doctor of the Church, he fought for the acceptance of the Nicene Creed.