May 27 - Saint Augustine of Canterbury

Quick Facts
  • Monk and abbot of Saint Andrew's abbey in Rome.
  • Sent by Pope Gregory the Great with 40 brother monks, including Saint Lawrence of Canterbury to evangelize the British Isles in 597.
  • Before he reached the islands, terrifying tales of the Celts sent him back to Rome in fear, but Gregory told him he had no choice, and so he went.
  • He established and spread the faith throughout England; one of his earliest converts was King AEthelberht who brought 10,000 of his people into the Church.
  • Ordained a bishop in Gaul (modern France) by the archbishop of Arles.
  • Bishop of Canterbury.
  • First Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • Helped re-establish contact between the Celtic and Latin churches, though he could not establish his desired uniformity of liturgy and practices between them.
  • Worked with Saint Justus of Canterbury.
  • Anglican Archbishops of Canterbury are still referred to as occupying the Chair of Augustine