July 2 - Saint Bernadine Realino

Born to the Italian nobility. Studied law and medicine atBologna, Italy, receiving a law degree in 1556. Mayor ofFelizzano, Italy. Judge. Chief tax collector in Alessandria, Italy. Mayor of Cassine, Italy. Mayor of Castelleone, Italy. Superintendant of the fiefs of the marquis of Naples, Italy.

Following a retreat, he became a Jesuit in 1564, and wasordained in 1567. Novice master in Naples, and then was sent to found a college in Lecce, a small city in the south of Italy. He quickly became the most loved man in Lecce due to his concern and charity. He made himself appear the receiver rather than the giver, and the poor and galley slaves were his special concern. One of the more interesting miracles attributed to him concerned his small pitcher of wine which was never empty until everyone present had had enough.

On Bernadine’s death bed, the city’s magistrates formally requested that in the after-life he take the city under his patronage. Unable to speak, he nodded, and died soon after, whispering the names of Jesus and Mary.