November 13 - Saint Stanislaus Kostka

Quick Facts

  • Born to a family of Polish nobility; son of a senator.
  • Attended the Viennese Jesuit college from age 14 with his brother Paul, who badly mistreated him.
  • While staying at the home of a Lutheran, he became gravely ill, but was not allowed to call for a priest.
  • He prayed to his patron, Saint Barbara, who appeared to him in a vision with two angels, and administered Communion.
  • He was then cured from his disease by Our Lady who told him to become a Jesuit against his family's wishes.
  • Attended the Jesuit college in Rome.
  • Friend of Saint Peter Canisius.
  • Jesuit novice from 28 October 1567.
  • Student of Saint Francis Borgia