November 29 - Saint Saturninus of Toulouse

Quick Facts
  • Born to the third century Roman nobility.
  • Missionary to Gaul, the Pyrenees, and the Iberian peninsula.
  • Worked with Saint Papoul.
  • Many converts including the farmer now known as Saint Honestus who joined him in the missions.Imprisoned at Carcassone by the prefect Rufinus, they were freed by an angel.
  • First bishop of Toulouse, where he teamed with Saint Martial to perform miraculous healings.
  • Converted and baptized Saint Firminus who was later bishop of Amiens.
  • When Saturninus began his work in Toulouse, the local pagan priests stopped receiving oracular messages from their gods.
  • One day in 257, when the priests were hopelessly frustrated, Saturninus passed by in the street.
  • The priests blamed the bishop, and ordered the crowd of heathens to seize him and force him to offer sacrifice to their gods.
  • The idols fell to pieces in front of the bishop, and the crowd murdered him.