October 27 - Saint Frumentius

Quick Facts
  • Brother of Saint Aedeius.
  • Student of the philosopher Meropius.
  • While on a voyage on the Red Sea, the ship wrecked on the Ethiopian shore, and only Frumentius and Aedeius survived.
  • They were taken to the king at Axum as a curiosity, and became members of the court, Frumentius serving as secretary.
  • When the king died they stayed as part of the queen's court.
  • She permitted them to introduce Christianity to the country, and open trade between Ethiopia and the west.
  • Frumentius convinced Saint Athanasius to send missionaries from Alexandria, and was himself consecrated as bishop of Ethiopia.
  • Converted many, including the princes Ezana and Sheazana, and established a firm foothold in Ethiopia for the faith.