October 6 - Saint Bruno

Quick Facts

  • Educated in Paris and Rheims, France.
  • Ordained c.1055.
  • Taught theology; one of his students later became Blessed Pope Urban II.
  • Presided over the cathedral school at Rheims from 1057 to 1075.
  • Criticized the worldliness he saw in his fellow clergy.
  • He opposed Manasses, Archbishop of Rheims, because of his laxity and mismanagement.Chancellor of the archdiocese of Rheims.
  • Following a vision he received of a secluded hermitage where he could spend his life becoming closer to God, he retired to a mountain near Chartreuse in Dauphiny in 1084 and founded what became the first house of the Carthusian Order; he and his brothers supported themselves as manuscript copyists.
  • Assistant to Pope Urban II in 1090, and supported his efforts at reform.
  • Retiring from public life, he and his companions built a hermitage at Torre, where, 1095, the monastery of Saint Stephen was built.
  • Bruno combined in the religious life the eremetical and the cenobitic; his learning is apparent from his scriptural commentaries.