September 4 - Saint Boniface I

Quick Facts

  • Son of the presbyter Jocundus.
  • Priest, apparently having been ordained by Pope Saint Damasus I.
  • Papal legate to Constantinople c.405 for Pope Saint Innocent I.
  • 42nd pope in 418.
  • He was opposed by anti-pope Eulalius who had the support of the minor clergy.
  • Both were exiled from Rome by Emperor Honorius in order to keep the peace.
  • At Easter Eulalia returned against orders, causing his followers to rise to violent action; he was exiled again, and Boniface declared pope.
  • Repeatedly opposed by the patriarch of Constantinople who sought to increase his sphere of influence.
  • Staunch opponent of Pelagianism.
  • Saint Augustine of Hippo dedicated several works to him.