September 6 - Saint Magnus of Füssen

Quick Facts

  • Priest.
  • Benedictine.
  • Spiritual student of Saint Columban and Saint Gall at Arbon.
  • Superior of his house following the death of Saint Gall.
  • At the request of the bishop of Augsberg, he evagelized Eptaticus in the eastern part of Algäu.
  • By the River Lech in Bavaria, in a place still known as Sant Mangstritt (footstep of Saint Magnus) he founded the monastery of Füssen.
  • Some extraordinary stories grew around Magnus, often involving animals.
  • In Kempten he dispersed a plague of snakes.
  • At Füssen, he was forced to expel a dragon from the land he needed for the monastery; in one version of the story, he spared an infant dragon who helped local farmers by hunting rats, mice and other crop-damaging vermin.
  • While on a walk in the woods near the monastery, he encountered a bear who showed him a vein of iron ore; he gave the bear some cake.
  • The bear followed Magnus back to the abbey where the saint rounded up some tools and monks; the bear then led them all to several other iron ore sources in the nearby mountains, thus helping found the area's most lucrative industry.