April 22 - Blessed Maria Gabriella

Quick Facts
  • Born to a family of shepherds.
  • As a child she was described as obstinate, critical, protesting, and rebellious - but loyal, and obedient; she would say no to a request - but act on it at once.
  • At 18 she became gentler, her temper abated, she became involved in prayer and charity, and joined ""Azione Cattolic,"" a Catholic youth movement.
  • At 21 she entered the Trappestine monastery of Grottaferrata.
  • When she was accepted, her attitude finally became ""Now do what You will.""
  • When the community's leader explained a request for prayer and offering for the great cause of Christian Unity, Maria Gabriella felt compelled to offer her young life to the cause.
  • Though she'd never been sick before, she suddenly developed tuberculosis.In a mere 15 months spent in prayer for Unity, it took her to her death.