April 23 - Saint Adalbert of Prague

Quick Facts
  • Bohemian nobility.
  • Took the name of Saint Adalbert of Magdeburg, the archbishop who healed, educated and converted him.
  • Bishop of Prague on 10 February 982.
  • Friend of Emperor Otto III.
  • Encouraged the evangelization of the Magyars, and worked on it with Saint Astricus.
  • Opposed by the nobility in Prague and unpopular in the area, he withdrew to Rome and became a Benedictine monk, making his vows on 17 April 990; Pope John XV sent him back to Prague. anyway.
  • Founded the monastery of Brevnov.Met more opposition from the nobility, and returned to Rome.
  • There being no hope of his working in Prague, he was allowed to (unsuccessfully) evangelize in Pomerania, Poland, Prussia, Hungary, and Russia.
  • He and his fellow missionaries were martyred by Prussians near Koenigsberg or Danzig at the instigation of a pagan priest.
  • Inspired Saint Boniface of Querfurt.