December 16 - Saint Ado of Vienne

Quick Facts
  • French nobility.
  • Educated at the abbey of Ferrieres, France.
  • Ado renounced his title and inheritence, and became a Benedictine monk at Ferrieres.
  • He taught at the monastery of PrĂ¼m, Germany at the request of its abbot, but dissension among the brothers forced him to return home.
  • Pilgrim to Rome for two years.
  • He moved to Ravenna where he revised and published a version of the Roman Martyrology in 858.
  • Pastor of Saint Romanus church at Lyons, appointed by the archbishop, Saint Remigius.
  • Archbishop of Vienne, France in 859, appointed by Pope Saint Nicholas I.
  • Noted reformer in his diocese.He wrote biographies of Saint Desiderius and Saint Theuderius, and a world history text.
  • He opposed the efforts of Lothair II of Lorraine to put aside his wife, Theutberga, in favour of his mistress, and led the effort to annul the synod of Metz's approval of Lothair's actions.